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Every major religion, and the ensuing civilization it spawned, has its own special calendar which organizes and charts the activities of its adherents during the year. The Baha'i calendar, whose origins date back to the ministry of the Bab (1844-1853), and ratified by Baha'u'llah, is a solar calendar divided into nineteen months of nineteen days each.  It's also known as the Badi Calendar. The Baha'i year commences on March 21st, the first day of Spring.

On the first day of every Baha'i month, Baha'i communities gather together in a worship service known as Feast. During this gathering of prayer, fellowship and consultation, the spiritual and social affairs of the community are addressed.  It is more a spiritual dinner than a physical one, although light refreshments are served at the end, the social portion of the Feast.

Baha'i months and days of the week are named after attributes of God. The Baha'i week begins on Saturday (Gregorian) Because the Baha'i calendar is a solar calendar, the days begin and end at sunset. The following is a list of the nineteen months in the Baha'i year: 1

Month Arabic Name Translation First Days
1st Month Baha Splendour March 21
2nd Month Jalal Glory April 9
3rd Month Jamal Beauty April 28
4th Month 'Azamat Grandeur May 17
5th Month Nur Light June 5
6th Month Rahmat Mercy June 24
7th Month Kalimat Words July 13
8th Month Kamal Perfection August 1
9th Month Asma Names August 20
10th Month 'Izzat Might September 8
11th Month Mashiyyat Will September 27
12th Month 'Ilm Knowledge October 16
13th Month Qudrat Power November 4
14th Month Qawl Speech November 23
15th Month Masa'il Questions December 12
16th Month Sharaf Honour December 31
17th Month Sultan Sovereignty January 19
18th Month 1 Mulk Dominion February 7
19th Month 'Ala Loftiness March 2

1. In order to complete the three hundred and sixty-five day cycle in the year (including changes associated with leap years) there are four intercalary days from February 26th to March 1st inclusive, preceding the last Baha'i month, which is a fasting month. Fasting is from sunrise to sunset, when abstention takes place from all food and drink.  The Intercalary Days, called Ayyam-i-Ha, are set aside, and not considered as part of any month.

The days of the week are:

Day Arabic Name Translation
Saturday Jalal Glory
Sunday Jamal Beauty
Monday Kamal Perfection
Tuesday Fidal Grace
Wednesday 'Idal Justice
Thursday Istulal Majesty
Friday Istiqlal Independence

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