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Official Bahá'í Sites

This international Bahá'í website is the official website of the Bahá'í Faith. It offers in-depth information about the Faith, its central figures, Institutions, history, and its theological and social teachings, as well as links to a great many official resources in multiple languages.


This is the official website of the Bahá'í Faith in the USA. It offers an informative "Question & Answer" section and various resources to help you understand the Bahá'í Faith, as well as providing contact information for your local community.


The online newsletter of the Bahá'í International Community with topical headline news stories. Includes a searchable archive section.


The authoritative electronic source of the Bahá'í Holy Writings. Includes compilations on peace, women, Bahá'í prayers and education.


The Bahá'í International Community Statement Library provides an archive of statements made on various topics including issues on human rights, global peace and world social development.


A collection of articles on a wide range of Bahá'í topics from the teachings and history of the Faith to nature of Bahá'í community life.

bahai.com - An informative website with many resources.

bahai-library.com - The Internet's largest collection of Bahá'í materials.

bahai-education.org - Resources for Advancing the Frontiers of Bahá'í Education

bci.org/islam-bahai - Promotes understanding between the Bahá'í Faith and Islam.

planetbahai.org - Bahá'í related news and articles.

bahaistudy.org - Provides Bahá'í study materials.